This Saturday July 28th

Attention Blüm Students

This Saturday, July 28th we will be having music classes. Please make
sure you arrive to your class on time.

Save the Dates:
July 28th:

-All Classes Resume to Regular Schedule
Guitar Students will be taking their Make-Up Quiz. (This includes
everyone who did not pass or take the 2nd Quiz last Saturday.)

All Voice Students as well as Youth & Experience Piano Classes will 
have their Quiz 2 covering material from Lessons 5-7. Make sure to
-Last $120 donation is due for your music course. Please bring your
payment in cash to reduce wait time.

August 4th:

Last day to pay your final $120 donation. Failure to pay on time will
result on your account going on hold.

Please make sure to practice your instrument and the song Worthy of It 

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